Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mum's the Word

Sure it's late in the planting season - but there's still plenty of time to enjoy my favorite: chrysanthemums. I neglected the Gleaner all summer; I kept thinking I would get out there and plant something but I was either distracted by tomatoes or too lazy (hmmmmm....which do you think is more likely?) Nonetheless - wanting things to look spiffy for Lumberjack Day was reason.
Saturday (the 15th) was gloomy but warm - I don't think we saw much of the sun - which made the poor ol' Gleaner and its mostly-dead box elder tree buddies look even more forlorn.
After we removed the plastic window boxes (that should have had annuals in them), Scott added more scrap wood to build up the base. I was able to find mums (rust and yellow) and ornamental grass at Home Depot.
To best show the plantings to folks on the driveway, I clustered the plants on the south side of the hopper.
Scott added some more wood to brace the plastic pots and hopefully prevent them from falling over. I am hopeful that these will bloom a bunch in the next few weeks and then I'll get them in the ground before the first snowfall.
I couldn't resist this big mum in this beautiful golden hue. It looks great near the courtyard door - and now we're officially ready for fall visitors!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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