Sunday, June 12, 2016

Paint Provides Patio Pick-Me-Up

In an effort to step-up my outdoor entertaining game, I've been thinking of things to enhance the style of our south patio. The challenge begins with our two tables and a total of 10 chairs, purchased about six years apart. Since they're similar in style and color, I figured they would work well together - and they did for the first few years. But this spring, I came up with the great idea of spray painting all of the pieces so they would look more similar. Lucky for me, Scott agreed to help. Yay, Scotty! Even though today was another 98-degrees-and-humid kinda day, we got the majority of the project done. Check it out!
The first step was giving all of the pieces a good scrubbing with steel wool and soapy water. Bibbers braved the hot concrete to assist (as always.)
After bathtime, Scott took the pieces to the shady yard north of the house (where it was cooler and less windy.) He used a piece of rigid insulation as a flat painting platform.
The paint we chose is Rust-oleum High Performance Enamel in Dark Machine Grey. We started out with 5 cans but it was pretty obvious that Kristin would be driving back to Home Depot for 4 more cans later in the afternoon (and will need to pick up 3 more cans tomorrow.)
Look at that steely determination. He's a pro! 
Once the two tables were done, Scott began working on the chairs - still with a smile! I convinced him later in the afternoon to give my painting skills a try. I started out pretty strong but by the time it was done, it was pretty obvious why he preferred being the main painter. I did fulfill the role of Chief Cheerleader so at least I kept him company.
Here's a good comparison of old vs. new. We are really happy with the new color. I think its much more elegant and modern. I purchased new dark orange cushions that will really pop against the grey.
We still have two chairs left to paint and then will do any necessary touch-up. I'll post a photo when everything is in place. Overall, a successful project!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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