Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NW Landscaping Begins with Free Bricks

When my co-worker Jake asked me if I wanted a stack of pavers he pulled out of his yard, I said, "heck yeah!" Who would turn down free pavers when you've got 10 acres of landscaping projects waiting for inspiration? A couple of weeks ago, we drove out to Millard and picked up about 120 concrete brick pavers. Thanks, Jake!

With all the trouble we've had near the northwest stoop, that area was the first to tackle. Saturday morning was sunny and cooler - but very humid. Still, Scott was ready to get another load of top soil on the "sunken" area (see post from last week) and tidy up the area with a nice brick border. 
The garden wagon makes a great Ranger trailer. It took two loads to move the bricks from the driveway to the backyard.
Before the fun landscaping could begin, Scott once again perforated the area then dumped another load of topsoil on top. Yes, I helped shovel again this week.
He sketched out the curve of the new brick border, then dug out a sloped trench to contain the pavers.
Poor Scotty - working so hard that sweat seeped out of his leather gloves. A little of this summer heat goes a long way!
Ta Da!
The first little portion of our northwest stoop-area landscaping project. This now-mulched area near the electrical service is a good spot to keep the garden hose and sprinkler collection. We have several pavers left over, a plan of attack, and a four-day weekend looming. You'll need to...
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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