Monday, June 20, 2016

Garden Update!

It's not really a miracle but I'm constantly surprised that this is actually working! Somehow I figured the garden would fail and we would have done all of this construction for naught. But, guess what - if you plant something in good soil with enough sunshine and water to make it happy, it will grow!
Dad Camp stopped by Saturday to check in on his beds, adding a little bug spray and a little fertilizer.
This is the bed Scott and I planted with seeds. The decorative gourds and green beans are coming along but the spinach is a bit of a bust. We may have planted it too late. My herbs, however, are ready to trim, dice and eat!

Side note:  see that bird bath base in the back corner? Scott uncovered it in the culvert ditch along the driveway and I decided we needed to haul it to the garden. It's now a cool piece of "found art."
Scott is quite pleased with his peppers. Four of the six plants now have little baby peppers set-on.
We can't wait to chomp these 'maters! I was worried that 15 plants might have been overkill but now I'm worried that we'll run out before I get sick of eating them. Mama Marita and I have been dreaming of caprese salad.

Good job, Scotty & Dad!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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