Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rehab of 4th Window Complete

We extended our Labor Day holiday a few days, and enjoyed a "stay-cation" at noTTafarm. The intent was to do some fun things around Omaha, maybe go on a little drive, maybe eat at a restaurant we hadn't visited. But, as is so common, noTTafarm's to-do list was far more compelling than the lure of city lights. On Tuesday, Scott turned his attention to the 4th window on the barn's west-facing side which created its own set of challenges.
Rather than the built-up sill that the previous windows required, this particular window simply needed a typical sill. The existing sill was so badly rotted that Scott chose to replace it.
He crafted the new sill out of a vintage piece from his stockpile, trimming to the correct width and length.
In this photo, the new piece is at top (duh.) 
After two coats of paint, the sill was ready to be nailed in place.
Scott also chose to replace the wood on the left side of the window opening.
 Two coats of paint went on  . . .
. . . and another window is done! 
Stay Tuned for Our Next (Stay-Cation) Adventure!

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