Sunday, September 27, 2015

Barn Door is Bibbers-Approved

While I was away from noTTafarm the weekend of September 19, Scott continued on with his quest to finish the new barn door. By the time I arrived home (after a spectacular weekend with a few sorority sisters,) the new hardware was up, the door was sliding, and Scott was ready to begin the next phase of construction: the cat door.

The new galvanized rail was attached to a new 1x8x8 from Scott's stockpile which was painted prior to attaching to the barn.
Detail shot of the hardware 
Now that the door slides freely, Scott moved on to the installation of the cat door. The kit came with a template and good instructions.
Bibbers, of course, had to supervise! This will be his own personal portal to the barn. Scott bought a "small" size door in order to hopefully thwart the effort of raccoons to enter.
Scott used a square to help mark where to cut a hole in the newly-hung door.
He used the oscillating saw on his Milwaukee M-12 to slice the old barn wood. That poor door lasted all these years just to get cut for a cat door. Sad!
Checking to see if the exterior frame fits.
Scott also had to cut a little notch in the white trim board to allow the frame to fit.
"Cousin It" happened by to help feed the plastic fasteners through the door assembly. (I like to throw in a little Addams Family humor once in a while.)
 With the door installed, only one test remained . . .
. . . helping Bibbers figure out how to use it! Scott held the magnetized flap open and gave Bibbs a little shove.
Here he comes! 
 Almost there!
Good job, Bibbers! 
The barn is more secure and looks pretty spiffy with the addition of the new door.  Great job, Scotty!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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