Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quick Craft Adds Color

After a year of thinking about it, I finally accomplished a Craft Project this weekend. Last July, I went to Overton to the junk/antique shop with Amy B. and Chelsie which I described here: 
Among the many awesome items I purchased that day was a darling oil painting of two little cows in a pasture. The only thing holding me back from hanging it was the not-so-darling frame. So, into the closet it went for "someday." Fast forward to this past April, when Chelsie and I went to Rural Route Rust where I purchased (among other things) two little oil paintings in carved gold frames. These also ended up in the closet - but only until Saturday. I chose to refresh all three frames with a few good coats of gloss spray paint in slate gray which gave the out-of-date frames a modern touch.
It was hot and humid outside this weekend but I muscled through the time it took to paint the frames.
The completed cow painting now hangs upstairs in the connector, next to the small linen closet. It looks right at home.
The two 8x10 flower paintings are now in the 1920 bathroom. They look so sweet against the lemony yellow paint, and the gray frames complement our gorgeous gray subway tile.

The good news is, I still have plenty of gray spray paint left in the can. What should I tackle next? Tune in to find out!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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