Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Barn Window Project Kicks-off

It should come as no surprise that the barn is not exactly weather-tight. We know there are holes in the roof, holes in the siding, holes in the doors, and holes in the windows that let Mother Nature have her way. Scott has decided that the first project to tackle to try and strengthen the barn is the replacement or repair of the barn's 15 windows. After evaluation, he determined that eight of the windows were either too far gone or completely missing but seven could be repaired with a little putty.

For only $18.99 each, we purchased simple "wood utility sash" windows at Menard's in nearly the perfect size. While at Menard's we also picked up a gallon of exterior enamel paint and painter's tape. By the time we got home with the goods, Scott had vowed to have the windows project complete by the end of September. (This seems quite reasonable to me.)

Here's what's happened so far:

The new windows are 22" x 29" which is just a few inches off of the original 24" x 28" barn windows. These sashes are not meant to be operable but may pivot or slide after installed. The wood frames are held together with long screws which, when removed, allow disassembly for access to the glass panes.
All of the windows (new and those we repair) and surrounding frames will be painted white.
Scott did a little bit of thinking and measuring before starting the process. The windows on the west wall of the barn will be replaced first (so that Bibbers' condo is better protected this winter.)
Scott used the table saw to trim the windows' width from 29" to 28".
Go, Saw, Go!
Once the windows were trimmed, Scott turned his attention to the sills that will help hold them in place. Using pine from the post-construction stockpile, Scott first cut them to the right width, then cut them at a 15-degree angle to help shed water away from the barn.
A quick check to see if the fit is right. 
The depth of the sills was doubled by gluing then nailing a second piece of pine. With this beefed-up sill, the top and bottom of the window will fit snugly in the opening.
The eight new windows and their sills will be painted before they are installed. Scott began the tedious task of taping off the glass on Sunday.

This project is off to a great start. Be sure to . . . 
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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