Tuesday, July 21, 2015

21 Things to Like about July

Yes, I know it's already the 21st of the month. But since I'm so late in posting, I'm giving you a special treat:  21 totally awesome things about this month (so far.)  Read on:

We had the Camp Family 4th of July Celebration at noTTafarm, so of course, I had to tack up the patriotic bunting.

We grilled chicken and Marita brought some yummy ribs - so good! Note the awesome galvanized metal cake stand purchased last month at the Walnut Antique Walk.

The Newlyweds (Pat and Kathleen) brought Emma along for the party. She is such a good pup!

Kathleen didn't have to fight for hammock time; she brought her own!

A few competitive rounds of croquet took place on the west lawn.

Pat, Pete, and Karly were enthusiastic players but Uncle Scott won every match. 

Carl played a few rounds of croquet then challenged Karly to a game of cornhole.

Fast forward a few weeks and ...
Our flowers are in full bloom. The perennials I planted last summer have taken off and are filling in nicely.

The pink cone flowers on the west side of the barn are Bee Heaven!

The ol' wheelbarrow near the barn sports a bright load of marigolds.

I finally got all of the cottonwood flower bed cleaned out (that big area is a beast to keep weed-free) and discovered quite a few blossoms.

I sneaked up on the groundhog near his home along the driveway and was lucky enough to snap this photo before he disappeared down his escape hatch.

Yarrow along the driveway.

The alfalfa in the pasture south of our house was cut, baled and hauled away last month but the second crop is coming along nicely. Every day, you can see turkeys wading through the green sea.

Mother Nature gets a little supplemental water from the tap. 

While on a nature hike this evening, Scott used a "counter" app on his phone to keep track of the number of cedar trees he spotted along the west trail.

Clover along the west trail.

Our nature walk this evening was one of the all-time best noTTafarm events! All three kitties came along, trotting right behind us. They did such a good job!  Who needs a dog when you have cats like this?

Woodpecker along the west trail.

Watch out cedar trees . . . Scott counted 93 of you! His chainsaw will be happy to bring this number down to a reasonable level.

New Chair!
We found this cute chair for the great room at Pier One on Sunday. It looks great and is very comfortable - or at least I assume it's comfortable. It always seems to be occupied by one cat or the other.

And there you have it!
21 totally awesome 
things about July - so far. 

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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