Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kitchen Shelving Progress Report

Despite my lack of blog updates, Scott has been making slow but steady progress on the kitchen shelving project. With a practically-free weekend, he was able to devote quite a bit of effort. Check it out!
The first step was to remove the outside frame pieces. Wait, what? That's right . . . he took them down so they could be trimmed to the precise size, polished, and poly-coated.
I never think the poly is necessary until I see the finished product. Steel is even more striking when you give it a just a little love!
The two pairs of vertical supports were put into position with clamps while Scott determined they're final resting spot. He finally settled on having them 32 inches apart.
The rubber mallet came in handy to knock the supports into a level position.
Next, each support had to be bolted in place meaning Scott had to drill eight holes through two layers of steel.
How many tools do you need to do this job? Quite a few (including some new clamps he just had to have.)
By the end of the day, the big vertical supports are secured in place. Smaller steel angles will be used for the remaining supports and shelf brackets so they should be a little easier to maneuver.
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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