Saturday, November 22, 2014

Auxiliary Pantry Complete!

Now that the fun task of filling the shelves with goodies is done, my little pantry project can be deemed a success! It was pretty easy and I was able to complete it without having to call in The Boss - so that is quite an achievement. Check out the details:
This roll of rubber flooring was only $9.98 at Menard's. After a little bit of trimming, the pantry has a nice floor covering!
The little shelf that was originally in the space was scooted into the corner. I may end up re-painting it but for now all I did was wipe it down and vacuum off the spiders.
I assembled two more 36"-wide chrome shelves for a total of three. In order to prevent small items from falling through, I cut the boxes into sheets to create solid surfaces for the wire shelves.
The milk crates were left here by the wedding caterer, so I stacked them and created some little cubbies. 

Having this space cleaned and organized has freed-up space in the kitchen pantry. The best part is that I have room in both pantries for more stuff - just in time for Christmas!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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