Sunday, November 9, 2014

Auxiliary Pantry Project Underway

I finally decided today was the perfect day to begin my auxiliary pantry project. The little room under the 1972 stoop is barely 5' x 7' but is the perfect spot for additional storage. One coat of paint went up today, and I'm motivated to install a floating floor and assemble the shelves before the week is done. Stop by next Sunday to see if I succeeded! Here's a peek at the progress so far:
As you can imagine, since the room is so small, it is difficult to take a photo that could encompass the whole space. The "before" room features a gray painted floor, white cinder block walls, and a pink insulation ceiling. (Scott wants to add another layer of insulation and maybe some cement board.) The finished pantry will have three of the chrome shelves pictured. I plan on storing party supplies, seasonal serving pieces, and overflow home decor items.
The gallon of SW-7747 "Recycled Glass" I used was leftover from the upstairs pantry project. In fact, the label on the can showed a purchase date of November 18, 2012; can it really have been nearly two years ago that I painted the pantry?
By 6 o'clock, I had the walls painted. They're not perfect but they do look fresh and clean. It felt so good to get a project underway!
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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