Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Load 16 Tons, And What Do You Get?

Well - maybe another day older but not really in debt. It only cost a little to have 16 tons of white rock delivered Friday. It was needed to redo part of the circle drive east of the house that had been nearly wiped out during construction.
 The truck arrived right on time at 10:30 Friday morning, backing down the driveway as usual.
 The truck driver reviewed the low-hanging cottonwood branch before proceeding to the first dump site.
Dumping the first little bit in just the right spot.
He moved the truck to the southwest side to drive-and-dump along the top of the circle drive.  
It's so much easier to let the big truck do all the work! 
We couldn't use this technique on the lower side because the dump bed couldn't be raised while moving under the cottonwood branch.
So - one big pile was created on the east end.
Scott pushed the rocks around with the help of the Ranger's snow plow. 
We also used manual labor to arrange the rocks "just so." Yes - I helped, too. I just couldn't take a photo and shovel at the same time! 
Scott had some success employing the "sled" he made a few years ago. Rather than pull it behind the trailer, he rigged up a new yoke to hook it to the Ranger.  There's a good story that involves a minor injury but thankfully no photographic evidence of my major faceplant exists. I have some good bruises, though!
Ta Da!
A few hours later, the improved circle drive looked quite spiffy.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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