Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday Lunch Visitors

It's always a treat to have people over for lunch. It's a super, duper treat when the people are family! Scott and I welcomed my sister, Karolyn, her husband, Alan, and their baby boy, Joe who were on their way to South Dakota for a quick visit. Our time together was too short but it sure was nice to see my favorite sister on Mother's Day!
Nephew Joe is a freshman at UNL. His daddy can't quite believe how tall he's grown! (Note Alan's tippy toes.)
Of course when there are two or more boys together, there has to be shenanigans.
Why so serious?
This family is normally quite animated. I'm not sure why my camera had this effect on them.
That's better. Pooh is all smiles posing with her best little sister.

Come Back Soon, Pooh and Alan!
(And you, too, Joey)

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