Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Clean-up

You know we're serious about working outdoors when both the Ranger and the trailer spring in to action! Since the weather was so nice this weekend (especially Saturday! What a gorgeous day!) we couldn't pass up the chance to work outside.
Scott's first task was to remove these three tree trunks in the west yard. These trees were at the back side of the big brush pile/fire we took care of at Lumberjack Days last September.
The chain on the saw was pretty dull when Scott started slicing . . . and it got even duller as he tried to cut through these Chinese Elm stumps. The Farm Boss really smoked as the chain oil burned.
While Scott took care of the trunks, I started loading the trailer with some of the rotting firewood stacked in a pile in the west yard. We got two loads carted over to the fire pit and burned before I saw a small snake in the pile and decided I'd had enough fun for one day.
Sunday, Scott's attention and chainsaw turned their attention to the east side of the house. The drought and cold winter took their toll on the bushes so it was time for removal.
Luckily, the chain saw was fitted with a new, sharp chain. The removal was quick and painless.
The remaining small yew tree in the cottonwood's flower bed was also lost. Scott made quick work of removing it, too.
 Go, Farm Boss, Go!
With all of the bushes removed, this area is quite large! I have some clean-up to do before I can begin thinking about what to plant. Bring on the planning!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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