Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lurking Beneath the Tall Grass . . .

In the west yard behind the house is a patch of tall grass. 
I always assumed it was an old flower bed, rimmed by rail ties. Upon further inspection, the clump turned out to be hiding an assortment of old telephone poles, lost to time for whatever reason. When my desire to burn them was poo-pooed (something about toxic fumes, air pollution, blah, blah, blah), we decided to pull them out and move them somewhere out of the way. Turns out, that is easier said than done!
The first idea was to use the Ranger's winch to simply pull them free.
 But, as hard as he tried, the Ranger just couldn't budge Pole No. 1.
Using a shovel to loosen the earth under the pole proved pretty useless, too. The dirt was coated with ice crystals and the grass roots were holding fast. We decided to cut the pole into 8-ft. lengths for ease in handling so Scott (and his little friend, Bibbers) fired up the ol' chainsaw.
Success at last! With the pole cut into four chunks, the Ranger was able to pull three of them out. The last fourth just wouldn't budge. We will wait for the sunshine to help soften the ground a bit.
Scott took the weed trimmer to the tall grass, hoping that the sun could penetrate easier.
Until later, Poles! We'll get you loose then put you somewhere and use you for something some day.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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