Saturday, March 29, 2014

Anxious for Spring and for the Grass to Grow

Doesn't it feel like spring will never get here? Even today, with a bright blue sky and warm sun, it's still only about 50 degrees. At least the cats seem to enjoy being outside - even though the scenery is a bit brown and awful dusty. 
Sure it looks terrible to have bare dirt where a lawn should be. But who doesn't love a good roll in the dust? These barren patches are like magnets to Wilson. He makes a beeline straight to the ground with the loosest dirt and rolls around till he is so dirty his shiny black coat is a dull brown. Bibbers sometimes joins him . . .
. . . but Wilson prefers solo rolling. He sometimes gets a little aggressive with his barnyard buddy.
One evening, we took a hike on the trail. Bibbers joined us (as usual) and Wilson trotted close behind.
The "best" spot for rolling is near the driveway, just on the south side of the property line. Wilson seems so happy until I have to attack him with a wet towel when it's time to go inside.
Bibbers continues to warm up to us. It's hard to believe that a cat that wouldn't come near us two years ago now curls up on Scott's lap without much coaxing.
Leo tends to stay above the fray. He doesn't roll in the dirt or go on organized walks, preferring to supervise from an elevated spot.
Stay Tuned for More Cat Adventures!

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