Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dear Winter, I'm over you . . .

You may wonder why I haven't posted anything since January 19th and the truth is - I'm bored.  We've both battled colds, we're both tired and lazy, and it's so danged cold outside we've just about become hibernating hermits. Still, we have managed to accomplish a few things that I can share:

As the winter has progressed, Scott has been investigating ways to improve the house's air-tightness. He's discovered some drafty spots that need attention, including the fireplace in the great room. He dragged the big extension ladder out and caulked all around the perimeter. The 1972 addition is problematic; it needs insulation, new windows, and new doors to gain efficiency. (Stay tuned for that . . . some day.)

On Saturday, January 25, I took a field trip to Overton, Nebraska with noTTafarm Super Friend, Amy B. Our destination?  Tiede's Second Hand and Antiques. Amy has been here many times over the years so she guided me through the amazing maze of buildings chock-full of housewares, china, books, and furniture. Everything is organized, clean, and ridiculously low-priced. (A side bonus was meeting my mommy and daddy plus nieces Lauren and Chelsie in Kearney for lunch! Yay!)
A portion of the china display at Tiede's

My prize finds of the day were three chromium and glass 1960s serving pieces. I had been thinking my pantry full of dishes was lacking in "modern" items, so these really filled the bill. I paid about $12 for all three which I've since seen priced on the web much, much higher. I chose to use the pieces for a recent "Wine Night" with three of my buddies:  Marie, Megan, and Amy B.
We spent a Friday night nibbling on goodies and drinking a few beverages . . . and gossiping about our shared workplace.  noTTafarm is the perfect place for Girls' Night!

Yesterday, as Scott was still recovering from his cold to get involved in any projects, I decided to have fun by organizing the table linens. Yes, I was looking for the ultimate in fun-having!

Of course, the minute I unloaded this cabinet in the buffet, Leo found it and made himself at home. Silly!
Once Leo relocated, I stacked the cubby with my collection of neatly-folded cloth napkins.
I emptied out this chest and reorganized: seldom-used linens in the bottom drawer, placemats in the center, and more-commonly used tablecloths in the top drawer. I even measured each cloth, recorded the size on a post-it, and pinned to each. I do not anticipating this being useful but at least it kept me occupied for an hour.

You are now caught-up on noTTafarm's goings-on. I am hoping that with this week's predicted return to temperatures in the 30s, we will find some energy to take on more exciting "adventures."

Stay Tuned for More!


  1. When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Kristin. You're still ridiculously awesome...even when you're doing "nothing".

    1. Oh, Marie . . . I'm only awesome because of my wonderful friends!