Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Walk with the Kitty Cats

Did you get a chance to spend time outdoors today? The 65 degrees registered at Eppley Airfield this afternoon (Sun., Jan. 19) broke a record that was in place since 1895! What better way to enjoy a freakishly-warm winter day than by strolling the grounds of noTTafarm? Lucky for you, I snapped a few photos to share.
Bibbers accompanied us as we picked up sticks in the yard. Leo and Wilson were outside, too, so we had quite a party.
Bibbers enjoyed the warm sunshine, too, stopping every few feet to roll around and allow a few belly rubs.
 Wilson took a breather next to the ol' reel mower.
The five of us made our way to the east yard to check out the raccoon holes in the ground. Bibbers lolled around in the sun.
 Wilson had to take a break in the shade. 65 degrees is pretty hot for a kitty with a black coat.
The subject of the best shot of the day - complete with sun flare - was Bibbers. All five of us enjoyed time on the slope north of the driveway. We were out of the wind and directly in the sun on the soft, brown grass. I could have slept there for a good hour but the idea of being awoken by raccoons kept me moving. 
 No - not a mountain lion. Just our Leo heading back up the hill.
Leo and I raced back to the house but Scott lagged behind to herd Bibbers and Wilson along. Can you see Wilson halfway down the driveway?

I hope you had a chance to enjoy today! 
Sadly, the weatherman predicts the return of winter tomorrow.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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