Sunday, January 19, 2014

Basement Cleanup Continues

Since last blogging, not much excitement has occurred. We've continued plugging away at basement cleanup, and have made some good progress. 

Last weekend, Scott switched out the bare-bulb light ceiling light fixtures in the 1972 basement (aka my craft area) for some small, stainless steel 3-lamp fixtures. This added much needed light, and made the room look less basement-y and more room-y. 
 Removing the bare-bulb socket . . . 
The new fixture!
My "craft area" is nearly complete; I was lucky enough to procure a rug from our friend Megan. It's bright colors really give the room definition, and it's so cozy now.
We recycled the old rubber "puzzle piece" floor tiles previously used in the old kitchen for the craft area. They got a good scrubbing after they were put in place. Was the kitchen really that dirty?  Hmmmm.
The craft area came alive with the addition of the rug. I pulled an assortment of framed posters out of storage and am creating a gallery of sorts on the west wall.
We created a room divider with the old armoire, book shelf, and office cubbies. The next chore will be to open each of these drawers, figure out what needs to be tossed or saved, then reorganize all for easy access.
I put an old fuzzy blanket on top of my big Ikea tub, hoping it would attract a kitty in need of a nap. The trap worked! Leo is quite comfy. 

In the meantime, Scott continued moving all of his hardware and tools into the 2012 basement. He's done a great job of organizing but still has a lot of clean-up to do.
The little room under the northwest stoop makes a great storage closet. Scott moved an old bookshelf in, and created shelves on the opposite wall (photo below) with planks and 5-gallon buckets.

Scott moved an old storage unit and another bookshelf into position on the little ledge near the bottom of the 2012 staircase. This is a perfect place for tool organization!
Stay Tuned for More Exciting Basement Progress!

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