Sunday, February 16, 2014

Steps in the Right Direction

We are pleased to announce that we actually accomplished something this weekend! The long-neglected 1972 stairwell to the basement finally got its facelift.
The existing stairwell was painted a soft blue-grey and was illuminated by a simple 2-bulb fixture. I took down the broom holder and scrubbed the mini blind while Scott put up a new fixture.
The new fixture is the same style we used in the master closet, master hallway, and pantry.
It was fun to break out the painting supplies again! The walls were coated with Sherwin Williams Super Paint in 7732 Lemongrass, the same color as the adjacent office and the accent wall in the connector.
 While I painted, Scott prepared the rubber stairtreads, trimming them to the correct width.
We realized that this is the fifth staircase in two houses for which Scott has installed rubber stairtreads. He should get an award from the Rubber Stairtread Association of America!
I was happy to hang the Albuquerque street scene poster in the stair landing. This poster hung in the back stairwell at Grant Street for many years so it's nice to have it back on display.
Ta Da!
A few hours in and our little project was done - well, about 90% done. We still need to install a few rubber tiles on the landing but that should be a quick fix and a fun way to spend an evening this week.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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