Sunday, December 8, 2013

We're Thankful for . . . the noTTafarm Family!

Most of the local Camp family members were able to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a wonderful time and ate too much, of course!
Prior to the holiday, nephew Pete suggested we take over the care of their family heirloom dining set. The oak table extends to seat 10 and has five matching chairs (there's a 6th one out there . . . ask nephew Pat the next time you see him.) When the day comes that niece Kate has room for the set, it will be her's but until then, we'll take good care of it.
Scott suggested we use the china and silver which I thought was a great idea until I realized I would need to wash every piece of it since it had been in storage for three years. And, of course, the silver needed polishing . . . but everything looked sparkly and pretty in time for dinner!

The real fun of Thanksgiving is being with family! Our great niece Sophie did a wonderful job of entertaining everyone. A great time was had by all!
And So Begins The Holiday Season!

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