Sunday, December 8, 2013

Deck The Halls: Part II

We have really been looking forward to having our first Christmas tree in the new great room. With such a lovely, tall space available, we justified the "need" for a 10-foot tree. We found a lovely specimen on Saturday, December 7th at Robert's Nursery. ( The guys at the nursery were so helpful, and didn't miss a beat as they tied the giant Frasier Fir to the top of the Escape in sub-10 degree weather.
When we got home, I thought, "good grief, I'm going to have to help carry this beast in the house!" Scott pulled up onto the south yard so we could move the tree through the great room patio doors. Once we cut it loose, it really wasn't too difficult to carry (Scott took the heavy end.)
We cleared the northwest corner of the great room in anticipation of positioning the tree.

Leo and Wilson were intrigued, to say the least! (So far, though, we have not experienced any cat vs. tree difficulties.)
The purchase of an 11-foot tree meant that we had to invest in a new tree stand. Luckily, we found this heavy duty one at our local Home Depot.
After a bit of assembly and some thoughtful yet scary maneuvering, the tree was in the stand and positioned in the corner. We put a rubber mat under the stand to protect the floor.
 The big orange ladder came in handy as Scott started by placing the star on the tippy top of the tree.
He's always been in charge of placing the lights. As with the house exterior, we're going to need to invest in a few more strands if we want to continue having this large of a tree. Just needs a smidge more sparkle . . .
The finished product
This beautiful tree is putting us in the holiday spirit! I hope to have more decorations up around the house this week so that noTTafarm is as festive as possible. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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