Sunday, May 5, 2013

Master Bath Tiling Begins!

Now that the Powder Room tile is complete (but not the rest of the room ... just the tile) Scott turned his attention to the master bath tiling project. The tile is from the same family (Crossville's Buenos Aries Mood) as the tile used on the first floor but is a camel color called La Boca. We are using a variety of shapes and sizes to make it more interesting.
 First things first . . . Scott added a coat of waterproofing to the shower walls.
 All the tools are ready to go!
The first tile goes on! 
Scott chose to do the wall above the vanity first.
 Scott created an interesting pattern for this wall which uses 12x24, 6x6, and 12x12 tiles.
Tile will cover this entire wall. Cutting round holes in four tiles to fit around the light fixture openings was a time-consuming challenge (which, of course, turned out perfectly.)

Scott's goal is to have all the tile installed in this room by Friday night (May 9th). You'll have to check back with us to see if he succeeds!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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