Saturday, May 11, 2013

Master Bath Progress

Over the past few days, we've continued to work on installing the tile in the master bathroom. We are really happy with the way it is looking but it is going along at a pretty slow pace. There have been quite a few complicated cuts, and keeping the pattern on track takes a little time.
The sink wall is complete, and the pattern is really cool! Scott had a great idea to use some 2x4 polished tile as an accent (note the nine little tiles clumped together above the light fixture holes.)
 The main floor is just about done. The polished tile accent stripes nicely set-off the 12x24 tiles.
 The pattern repeats inside the water closet.
Leo especially likes the tile for two reasons: (1.) it comes in cardboard boxes which make for good lounging areas, and (2.) it's the same deep caramel color as his soft coat! (That was a happy coincidence...we are not quite as goofy as to match our tile to our cat. (Or are we?))
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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