Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keeping You Apprised of the Appraisal Situation

Our "final" appraisal - the one necessary in order for our soon-to-expire construction loan to transform into a regular ol' mortgage - occurred this morning. We remain hopeful that the appraiser will, once again, see that the value of the finished product is worth taking on the risk - even if we have different definitions of "finished."
The best part about having the appraisal over with today is that we took the night off! We had some delicious take-out dinner and a glass of wine, and I'm planning on going to sleep as soon as I'm done with this entry. Yay for Sleep! The good news is that the house is really clean right now, and I was able to unpack some books and other pretties so it looks more like a real home.

Since my last post, we've kept going and going and going, staying up too late but doing our best to get as much done as possible.
I did a lot of painting . . . FINALLY got the 1972 entry hall cut-outs finished and painted.  FINALLY got the powder room (inside and outside) painted. Did touch-up paint in the kitchen, library, parlor, and master bedroom. We've got quite a stock pile of paint, stain, and polycoating in the basement!
I stained and finished another big batch of baseboards; these ended up in the upstairs connector, the master bedroom closet, and the 1920 hallway upstairs. There are still a few more rooms to go - just have to wait on someone to cut them to the right length and give me the go-ahead.
Scott nailed the baseboards into place at about 11PM Tuesday night.
Scott spent a lot of time planning and thinking and cutting and clamping parts of his stair rail design. His plan is in place, he just need the time to cut all of the steel and bolt it into place. Much more on this to come in the future!
Before the appraisers walk-through, I wiped down the not-quite-done tile in the master bathroom. It looks so great! We are really excited to get this project finished (just not tonight.)

We hope to hear from the mortgage lender Thursday or Friday. We'll be sure to share any news right here on the ol' blog.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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