Monday, April 2, 2012

Trail Maintenance

What's better than lounging on the couch on a 90-degree March day?  Why, spreading wood chips on the trail, that's what!   Scott convinced me that we could make short work of the task ~ and he was right, of course!  He's been maintaining the trail on the west slope with the help of the mower but the pile of wood chips created during Lumberjack Days last Memorial Day has been taunting Scott for the last 10 months.  Luckily, we had the Ranger to help us with the loading and dumping fun.
 While Scott took the mower around the trail, I started loading up the Ranger with wood chips.

One scoop at a time!

 The dumping bed of the Ranger came in of us inched the Ranger forward as the other one tried to gauge how fast the chips would come out.

 We made about 10 trips with loads of chips - until the pile was finally depleted.
 Here's proof that (1.) I helped and (2.) I got to drive!

The trail is now about 5/8ths' of the way covered with a nice coating of noTTafarm woodchips.  We'll have to rent (or buy, some say) a chipper again soon in order to complete the task.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. Will there be a lumberjack day in 2012?

    1. We hope so! We need to take at least one big tree down before the construction begins...but we will have to poll the family to find a day that isn't conflicted by 1 year old's birthdays or graduations, etc. :)