Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Next Step Taken Toward New Construction

At 9:00AM on April 3, our general contractor, Terry, convened a pre-bid meeting at noTTafarm for potential sub-contractors.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide the information necessary for each of them to provide a precise bid for their particular portion of the project.  Each of the contractors received a set of plans and the materials list and was welcome to roam around the site and get a feel for the wonder that is noTTafarm.  It was a very interesting to hear the questions that arose and to see how Terry dealt with each of them.
Before the contractors arrived, Scott measured out the addition, marking the corners with bricks.

Shortly after 9AM, Terry led the parade of subs up the driveway.  
The early arrivals were shy and parked east of the house on the driveway.  Everyone else then parked even further east on the driveway.  They had quite a hike!

After being handed a set of plans, the sub-contractors quickly turned to the pages that reflected their trade.  
We had plumbers, electricians, painters, the window guy, a foundation guy, and a geothermal guy in attendance.  The mason and trenching sub-contractors will come out later this week.

Terry asked all of the sub-contractors to have their bids to him by next Tuesday.  He will then take another week to get the entire bid ready for our review.  The City received a set of plans yesterday, and the 4-week-long permitting process is underway. 

Can You Believe this is Really Going to Happen?

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