Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Concrete Details

Saturday, November 19, my wake-up call came courtesy of the construction crew arriving to pour concrete in the barn.  As is typical for this contractor, the work was scheduled to begin at 7:30 AM (which seems early to me but I'm new to this up-with-the-chickens country lifestyle.)  Luckily, Scott was up and ready to help get the work underway.
 An overcast sky greeted the construction crew as they arrived to pour concrete in the lean-to area of the barn.
 By the time I made it out to check on things around 8:30, the floor was ready and waiting for the concrete to arrive.  After leveling the dirt, a plastic vapor barrier and a grid of rebar were added to support the concrete.
 Scott tried (unsuccessfully) to convince the contractor to leave the Bobcat behind for a month or two.
 The concrete truck arrived just before 10 AM.
The four-man concrete crew kept the wheelbarrows moving.
The concrete was poured by the wheelbarrow-full in the back (east) end of the barn as the crew worked toward the west door.  The guys worked quickly (and quietly) to smooth the surface.

 They kept pouring and smoothing until they worked themselves down the hallway.  
Terry (the contractor) suggested filling in the manure troughs in the main part of the barn, too.  Now, that portion of the barn has an even floor which will make the space much more usable. 
By 12:30, the work was done and the crew had moved on to their next assignment (or perhaps to watch the Nebraska vs. Michigan game . . . but let's not discuss that one.)
 When the coast was clear, Scott sneaked in to leave his mark.
It's Official!  
The concrete is done and the barn will be much more functional.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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