Monday, November 7, 2011

As Predicted: Barnaggedon!

The old barn will soon be getting a little bit of new life in the form of a poured concrete floor in the former stables lean-to. This area has always had a dirt floor, and though divided into three stalls, had most recently been a storage area where long-lost tools rested foot-deep in old manure and stale hay. Sounds delightful, right? Luckily, my little brother Tim and Scott's big brother Jeff offered their services on Saturday for a little clean-up session. Knowing my need for themed activities, Tim settled on the name "Barnaggedon" for the day of dirt and destruction.
Jeff surveys the stables prior to de-construction.  Most of the weathered wood and the stall gates have been saved for future projects. 

Jeff and Tim made quick work of dismantling the stalls.

Carl and his trusty hammer were called in for nail removal service, 
once again.  

Once the stalls were removed, Scott added a few supporting beams.  When the concrete is finished, he'll work on shoring up more of the barn's structure.
The concrete work may begin on Tuesday, November 8 but with a forecast calling for rain, we may experience a short delay. In the meantime, be sure to check out the noTTafarm Archeology page for photos of the day's finds.
Stay Tuned for More!

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