Monday, November 7, 2011

And Then, On Sunday . . .

. . . more visitors!  The beauty that is noTTafarm beckons people from far and wide to visit.  My parents, Ray and Jolene, picked a perfectly lovely autumn Sunday to visit from Kearney, bringing along our niece Chelsie and her special friend Chris.  After brunch, we started a bonfire and the boys got busy feeding it with scraps torn from the barn on Saturday.  We took a nature walk, saw some deer and turkey, did a tiny bit of shopping - then in a flash, it was time for them to leave for the drive home!  We'll see them all in a few weeks when we meet in Kearney for a Ward family Thanksgiving.
 Dad helped me load the trays back into the incubators.  Tim and Carl wrestled these out of the barn on Saturday to make room for the concrete.  We need to find a nifty way to replace these 60 year old cabinets!
 Chelsie was the photographer during our nature walk on the west slope.
Chelsie and Chris get the fire going.
Chelsie and Chris

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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