Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Last Demolition Project

Scott and I arrived bright and shiny Saturday morning.  Our plumber, Cody, needed one last day to complete the installation of the new plumbing so we got to noTTafarm at 7:30.  We originally planned on spending just a half day at the house, trying to get back to Grant Street to work on some projects.  Our only task for the day was taking the ceiling down in the 1920s living/dining room. 

It seemed like the day would be easy-peasy.

The living/dining room is a 26x13-ish room with a drywall ceiling.  Mrs. Norgard told us that she helped her husband put the drywall up in 1960, standing on a stepladder with her arms up holding drywall - all while 8 months pregnant! 

Even though the drywall was in excellent condition, removing it gave us an additional six inches of ceiling height.

Since we are not trying to save the existing flooring, we determined the best method was to tear everything down then haul it all to the dumpster.  Here, part of the floor is covered with layer one:  drywall.

After the drywall was eliminated, we took down the 1960 framing comprised of about 25 2x4s and 103,279 nails.  The pink-painted plaster was next.

Of course, the plaster was hiding its partner-in-crime:  lath.

The rubble was about four inches thick by the time we had it all down.

Finally, by 4 p.m., the debris was in the dumpster. We were both covered with dust and grime, and completely exhausted!  Happily, this is the last major portion of demolition we will undertake.  Most of the remaining work in the existing house will be done by professionals.  (Did you know you could hire people to do renovations for you?  Weird, I know.)

Hooray for Cody! 
Our faithful plumber completed his tasks by 8:30 Saturday night. 

And with that, our long day was done.

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