Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day of Springtime Fun

What a gorgeous day we had at noTTafarm on May 7th! 
Light breezes, blue skies, and highs in the 70s made for a perfect Saturday.  Aside from Scott mowing, the day was reserved for fun with family!  The Camp Family celebrated nephew Pat's graduation from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a late-afternoon bonfire and weenie roast.  The icing on the cake was a too-brief visit to noTTafarm by nephew Nick and his beautiful wife, Brooke! 

Scotty took the Toro for a spin.  The grass is finally green (and growing!)

Marita was so excited to get the family together.

Pat, the happy graduate, dreams away the afternoon from the comfort of the hammock.

Yay!  Andrew loves noTTafarm!

Nick and Brooke are looking forward to spending more time with us over the Memorial Day weekend...oh, and they're looking forward to their new baby in five short weeks!

Big brother Jeff and little brother Scott.

Kate and her boyfriend, Alex, brought along their buddies, Wiley and Q ~ they seemed to enjoy their visit to the country.

Wiley is only 7 months old.  Such a pretty pup!

Q is 4 years old and soooo friendly!  He is an awesome soccer player, too.

Alex and Pat both graduated from UNO on Friday. 

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  1. Tyler and I are very excited to spend our Memorial Day weekend with all the other Wards at noTTafarm :) This will be our first time to noTTafarm!