Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Fun But Got It Done

The goal of this past weekend was to remove all of the remaining plaster, lath, and insulation in the two upstairs bedrooms and the parlor portion of the 1920 living room. 
Mission Accomplished! 
Luckily, mother nature cooperated, dropping the temperatures to the 40s and denying much sunshine; this definitely kept us from being distracted by the great outdoors.  We went out Friday evening and finished the small bedroom, then completed the rest on Saturday and Sunday. The rooms were ready for the electrician to begin rewiring on Monday, May 16th.  (More on that later!)

We topped off the dumpster with a frosting of pink fluff.  It actually looks like a giant pile of ground pork.

After all the walls we've removed from the house, you would think we might find something more interesting than a juice can of unknown origin and a chicken bone.  Still on the hunt for the gold doubloons!
Here's a view of the parlor with the walls removed.  We plan on taking the ceiling down soon to allow for an extra six inches of height.  Thank you, Carl, for helping remove the plaster on Sunday!

We love visitors; especially fraternity brothers we haven't seen in 7 years.  John Kleider is a dear friend and we were so happy to have him as a houseguest for a few days.  Hopefully, he will come back next year and experience noTTafarm's hospitality (without having to knock down plaster!)

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