Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saturday and Sunday See Sistering and Sub-floor

Each week, we continue to make progress on the bathroom remodel projects.  Opening the second floor bathroom floor revealed that some of the floor joists had been previously cut away to allow room for piping or had been otherwise scabbed together.  It was necessary to strengthen two of the joists by "sistering" a new 2x8x10.  Scott positioned the new lumber, added a copious amount of wood glue, then secured it all with screws. 

Scott removed a piece of blocking to allow room for the new joist.

A bar clamp helps hold the new joist in place while the screws were added.

Scott's feet. 
One of the new joists in place!

Scott worked to add sub-floor to a few areas.  With this addition, the east entryway and the two bathrooms are one step closer to completion!

Sorry about that headline; I like alliteration!

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