Friday, April 29, 2011

insert clever wind-related headline here

I wanted the headline to say, "Kansas Blows and South Dakota Sucks", as an illustration of the ridiculous southerly wind gusts we experienced Friday afternoon at noTTafarm.  But since many loyal Adventures readers and relatives reside in those two neighboring states, I will be polite.

So anyway - wow!  It was windy today! With the temperature forecast to (finally) be in the 70s, Scott and I took a few hours of vacation to catch up on chores.  Scott's main focus was to tend to the area where the water line was added, right along the driveway.  Over the past few months, the ground covering the trench had sunk quite a bit so Scott rented a Dingo to help move, grade, and pack down "tons" of dirt.  (For more Dingo information, including a clever movie tie-in, see October's archives.)
Scott and the Dingo in action.  Note the grass at left, bending from the south winds.

Scott prepares to toss a piece of concrete into the rubble pile.

The wind blew and hollered and screeched all afternoon!

Hey! We have a crabapple tree!  The color is just about at its pretty peak

This tulip near the house kept all of its petals intact today.

While Scott was out playing in the dirt with his oversized Tonka truck, Carl and I slaved away inside.  The two bedrooms need to get ready for electrical work and new drywall, so Carl removed all of the window trim while I took off two walls-worth of plaster.  Just a little more to finish tomorrow before we start tearing down the lath in the large bedroom, then we'll move on to the little room.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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