Wednesday, April 20, 2011

History Lessons

A few recent discoveries have made noTTafarm's history come alive for us.  First, I discovered two Omaha World-Herald pages, published in 1939, under the floorboards in the former breakfast nook.  The front page boasts stories ranging from the whereabouts of a Nazi war ship and the death of author Zane Grey.  Inside, an ad for a Studebaker sedan includes a $660 list price.

October 24, 1939

Never show a retired professor an old newspaper. 
Carl's productivity quotient took a hit!

We were also thrilled that Doris forwarded two prized items to us:  an original blueprint of a noTTafarm survey completed in 1958, and the title abstract last updated in 1972.  We are anxious to sift through the abstract and trace the history of the property.  The first owner purchased the original 80 acre homestead in 1857!
This survey was created when Doris and Richard became noTTafarm's owners.

The first page of the title abstract.

Stay tuned to learn more about noTTafarm's past and future!

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