Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rockin' Around the Clock

It was a long day but we finished the walkway around the garage Saturday! With a prediction of a heatwave coming Sunday, we were motivated to complete the task on a relatively-nice mid-80s day. We got a head start earlier in the week, placing most of the pavers so we would be ready to hit the ground running Saturday morning.
First, the spacing between the 16x16 pavers was adjusted from 16" down to 12" making for a more comfortable step. Scott used two of the 4x8 pavers to keep everything aligned. While he did the fine-tuning, I hauled more pavers in the wheelbarrow, putting them in the trench where he could later adjust to his specifications.
Bibbers was such a good helper! He frequently inspected the progress but spent a lot of time snoozing on the stoop.
By adding more pavers in this back corner, the hose reel and grill will have a tidy place to call home.
The bulk of the time was spent hauling rock from the big pile near the barn to the job site. While you'll see Scott modeling in these photos, rest assured that little ol' me was the main rock-scooper-and-hauler. Exhausting work, for sure, especially with the rock pile in a no-shade zone.
Scoop 'em up and toss them in the Ranger bed. Repeat. 
Over and Over and Over. 
Without the Ranger's help hauling ten (or more? I didn't count) loads, the task would have been impossible. (Side note: when we were finished with this project, the pile didn't look that much smaller. And while we are thinking of more ways to use the rock, we will rent a Bobcat next time. This type of manual labor is better suited for the young.)
The Ranger's dump bed sure came in handy! Each load filled in the spaces around two or three of the big pavers.
While I drove back to the pile to start loading more, Scott used a garden rake to move the rock into position.
Ta Da!
The final walkway looks great! We are interested to see how the rocks settle in, what the effect of rainfall is, and if the kitties will appreciate this improvement. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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