Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mine's Doing Great!

With Mother Nature's penchant for steamy, sunny days of late, our garden is a happy place.
After a 3-week dry spell earlier in June, we've had regular rain. The metro area has had a few major thunderstorms but our part of town has been spared, so far. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we will come through the season unscathed.
This photo, taken June 24, shows everything on track. The bed of beans in the foreground had an infection of tomato plants, volunteers from last summer. Scott & Carl transplanted a few of them to a patch on the west side of the barn and another couple in the peppers/eggplant bed. We'll soon see if they catch up to the new plants we added this spring.
In this photo, taken June 29, the cherry tomatoes are coming on strong. Can't wait for a yummy snack (perhaps with a little mozzarella and a big handful of basil!)
Rut Row . . . the Japanese beetles are back! Time to get some insecticide applied before they eat all of our delicious green beans.
This morning (July 4), I went out first thing and weeded all of the beds. I picked our first crop of beans and pulled two carrots. We never got the 2016 carrots to do much . . . but these two volunteers were beautiful (sadly, these are the only two we'll have this year.) Carl & Marita were excited to get their first beans and single carrot allotment this afternoon. Our carrot was a crispy treat we ate while the beans were steaming to accompany our dinner.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Garden Update!

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