Monday, December 26, 2016

Sweet Christmas Tradition Continues

One of my favorite things about Christmas is baking sugar cookies. Using my family's recipe results in the yummy smell of butter and lemon extract drifting through the kitchen. When it comes to decorating though, it's always better to enlist the help of some friends. Luckily, I found three adults and five adorable children willing to labor over bowls of buttercream for a few hours the Friday before Christmas.
This year's cookie crew consisted of Amy B. with Brenna and Tripp; Leigh Anne and Meredith, and Sara with Bennett and Elliot.
Brenna may have had more than a few little bites of frosting. It's hard to resist the buttery goodness!
Bennett concentrated on adding details to his cookies while mom Sara and baby brother Elliot cheered him on from the sidelines.
Leigh Anne gave the kids lots of good frosting advice. She's been by Cookie Buddy for (literally) two decades!
Bennett took a break from creating works of art and devoured a "B" cookie.
Amy created super hero-inspired frosting designs for Tripp and Brenna. When they were restless from all the work, uncle Scott hopped in to entertain them with walkie-talkie lessons and general silliness.
Leigh Anne snapped this great action shot.
Bibbers shared a bunch of cuddle time with Meredith. 
The best part about Cookie Frosting Day is spending time with wonderful friends! Thank you Amy, Sara, and Leigh Anne for your friendship and hard work (and for bringing along your cute kids.)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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