Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ho Hum Summer Drags Along

The highlight of our August so far has been the distribution of dirt. Yes, the big pile of top soil we had delivered to create our garden beds has finally been eliminated. Scott shoveled and hauled away the final two Ranger-loads today. He's been moving the dirt slowly but surely to several holes and low spots in the east yard along the driveway.
Hooray! The big pile of dirt near the corn crib is finally gone! The neighborhood tiny-yellow-butterflies were happy to find a muddy patch in which to do their butterfly things.
Scott planted grass seed in all of the various dirt patches he created. Several larger holes along the driveway/culvert area have also been filled in over the past few months (sorry, Raccoon family. Your underground hideout has been eliminated.) 

In other news . . . 
The garden has taken off and given us a lot of enjoyment. I still can't get over how the plants are actually living and producing. The ornamental gourd that Scott planted is slowly (actually, not that slowly) taking over its bed. Somewhere under that vine is our green beans.
The tomatoes are ripening all at once. Marita and I have plans to attempt canning next weekend. It turns out that 15 tomato plants is perhaps a few too many for two mater-eaters. (Carl doesn't eat them and Scott only likes them cooked . . . it's up to Marita and I to enjoy them in their delicious, natural, raw state.) At least I'll have something to blog about!
An overview of the garden. I'm especially fond of the marigold border; the flowers are so cheerful!
This is one of our first harvests. We ate everything in this bucket for dinner and all of it was delicious!
Dave, our once-a-year-farmer, stopped by a few days ago to mow the tall grass in the front pasture. He returned today (Aug. 14) to bale it. (Note: I caught a Monarch butterfly in this photo - that's pretty cool!)
The hay harvest was kinda skimpy; only 2 big bales this time. 
Ahhhhh . . . now this is more like it! I should spend less time worrying about finding projects to do and more time hanging out in the hammock with Wilson! All of my project suggestions are usually met with, "let's wait until bad, cold weather to do inside stuff . . . I'd rather shovel dirt or chop down poke weed." Silly Scotty!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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