Saturday, August 20, 2016

Friend or Foe?

It's a beautiful afternoon with an incredible temp of only 72 degrees - seemed like a perfect time to get a few tomatoes out of the garden. Check out the little visitors I spotted. Tell me, are these friends or foes of our vegetables? I'm guessing our plants would be better without them.
Hello, Hungry Little Catepillar! Are you the one, nipping big holes in the sides of my tomatoes? You and your brothers and sisters need to beat it.
Everyone's favorite summertime pest, the grasshopper. Hop away, please.
These parsley-chompers have been relocated. Perhaps they'll enjoy the taste of poke weed.
Hooray for Pollinators! There's a bumble bee inside this gourd blossom.
Here are two of our ornamental gourds, getting bigger and turning bright yellow.
Scotty is happy that his peppers are turning red! 
Stay Tuned for More Garden Updates!

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