Monday, August 31, 2015

Please, Mr. Postman

Although we've noticed that our mailbox post was listing recently, we were still unprepared to discover said mailbox prone in the grass upon arriving home this evening. Never to shy away from a challenge, Scott immediately sprang into action. He packed the Ranger with tools, the post-hole digger, and an old landscaping timber he had stored behind the barn for use "someday." I went along for the ride to act as an assistant and take photos. Check out our hour of pre-suppertime fun!
The Crime Scene
Actually, it's probably not a result of vandalism or an errant drive-by. The post was compromised by a piece of heavy equipment during our construction project. The contractor repaired it then but time and insects have taken their toll on the supports.
First, the post had to be disassembled. All but one of the screws came out without having to use a manual screwdriver. (Why is there always one screw that won't cooperate?)
Evidence of insect life and wood rot was apparent.
Since the existing post hole was filled by the broken end of the rotten post, Scott chose to locate the new hole just a smidge north. He utilized the post-hole digger to create a hole about 2.5 feet deep.
The chain saw trimmed the landscape timber to the correct length (and lopped off a ragged end because why would you choose to keep a ragged end?)
Then the post was placed in the hole, and the excavated dirt was smooshed back into place. Scott used the handle of a shovel to tamp down the dirt.
With the post in place, Scott lifted the box and its structure up, centering it on the top of the post.
It's pretty level (but we need it to be slightly slanted to help shed rain.)
Finally, the original screws were put back in place. The resulting structure is stronger and taller than it has been for three years. The postal carrier will have a nice surprise upon arrival Tuesday!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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