Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First New Window Added to Barn

Scott finished painting the new barn windows this weekend, and tonight he was able to fit the first one into its soon-to-be-permanent home. The subject window is on the barn's north side and while the structure around the opening needs a little re-working, it's a great improvement. 
First Things First
Removing all of the precisely-placed tape took a razor blade and a little time (but it was much easier to deal with than a sloppy paint job.)
The window Scott chose to replace first is on the barn's north side. In addition to an overall neglected and beat-up appearance, it is missing a pane. Side note:  how many cobwebs can noTTafarm support? Ugh!
The new window is held in place by the original frame; it slides inside grooves created by two boards.
Scott plans on removing the trim and extending the wall structure so that the window opening is the correct width. It should come as no surprise that off-the-shelf windows from a big box lumber yard don't exactly fit our vintage barn. The trim will be painted before being replaced. It's gonna look pretty spiffy!
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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