Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Junkin' with Chelsie

How does an Aunt lure a cute 25-year-old niece to noTTafarm for the weekend? With the lure of shopping, of course! It was easy this past weekend; both Chelsie and I were excited to take a 50-mile field trip to Avoca, Nebraska for "Rural Route Rust." This antique/junk vendor fair was so much fun - 45 vendors and literally thousands of visitors vying to see who would could nab all of the cute vintage wares. "RRR" was held at Bloom Where You Are Planted Farm which also hosts a fall pumpkin patch. If you get a chance to visit, take it!
The show started at 10 but when we arrived at 10:05, there was quite a hike from our parking spot and a little bit of a wait to get inside. It was a little windy but the weather was great!
Chelsie enjoyed the farm animals; goats, cows, and chickens were all available for we city folks to gawk at. (I should say, however, that I live on a not-a-farm and Chelsie is a current Agriculture student so technically, we're not city folks.)
My favorite buys of the day were from the Purple Pincushion. The proprietor, Sarah, re-purposes vintage textiles and creates the most adorable things! I love my purchases:  a felted wool fox brooch (not to mention the Scottie dog brooch I had to have, too) and the cross-body bag fashioned from a seed corn bag.
After we left RRR, we zoomed a few miles up Hwy. 34 to check on some farm land my folks own. Chelsie was instructed to check to see if the ground cover rye was up (it was) and report back to Grampa. I took this photo to show them that their granddaughter is "out standing in her field!"
Chelsie also brought me a few surprises! She re-purposed a microwave stand purchased at a local thrift shop and created a beverage cart for me. She had my dad add a new structure with casters to the bottom, then painted everything a soft yellow. Mom purchased the Tiffany blue beverage dispenser at Target, then I added the matching bins below. Chelsie found another piece of Chromex and teak serveware on a recent trip to Overton plus a glass Scottie dog creamer at an antique store. Thanks so much, Chelsie! I'll be anxious to use all of this at our next gathering. 
We Love Visitors!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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