Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cookie Baking Season

The joy of Christmas baking at noTTafarm was spread out over the month of December. It was a win-win situation:  I got to spend time with some awesome ladies and the house smelled like cookies for weeks!
On the first Sunday of December, my true love sent to me:  
Two Brummet Ladies! 
Brenna and Amy rolled, cut-out, baked, and frosted a batch of sugar cookies. Brenna did a great job this year - even if she had sugar from her fingertips to her elbows. They were planning on sharing cookies with Daddy and Tripp, their neighbors, and their extended family. 
Such Cuties!
On the second Sunday of December, my true love sent to me:
Two Koehler Ladies!
Meredith and Leigh Anne continued our annual baking tradition (LA and I have been frosting sugar cookies together for at least 20 years!) Meredith got to pick the frosting colors and was our art director. She is developing some very good piping skills!
Meredith loves cats, and had fun with my camera - and Wilson! They gave me this sweet little plaque that reads, "all you need is love. . .and a cat" - so true!
On the day before Christmas, my true love sent to me:
One New Niece! 
Kathleen came over to learn how to make a Camp Family favorite: Kahlua Wafers. These buttery, coffee-flavored treats are baked then dipped in melted chocolate. Kathleen did a very meticulous job of rolling out the dough to just the right thickness, cutting the shapes with precision, and placing them delicately on the baking sheets (very unlike my bull-in-a-china-shop approach to baking.) 
Never satisfied with the status-quo, Kathleen suggested piping green and red frosting on the baked-and-dipped cookies for a little extra holiday drama. The cookies were delicious and beautiful!

I wonder how many of these lovely ladies would enjoy making Valentine's Day cookies? You'll have to check back in mid-February!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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