Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Decor

I enjoy spending time decorating the house for holidays, especially Christmas. I hope you don't mind a post where I indulge my urge to show-off a bit. There's always room for improvement, and I'm already logging ideas for how to make Christmas 2015 even prettier. Let me know what you think!
First step:  get a tree!
We found a Frasier Fir that was somewhere between 9 and 10 feet tall at Home Depot. The trailer made it easy to haul home!
Scott put the tree in the stand out on the patio. Bibbers provided moral support, as usual.
Scott carried the tree in and placed it in the northwest corner of the great room. Good job, Scotty!
It took about three seconds for Leo to discover the velvet tree skirt. He just can't resist a soft surface!
I put a decorated garland on the powder room mirror, and hung Scott's old copper bugle over the top. A copy of a vintage photo (Ward Kids, circa 1965) hangs in the frame.
A pre-lit evergreen garland suspended in the colonnade was the perfect spot to hang my collection of kitchen-themed ornaments.
The iron reindeer found a festive home atop the cabinet over the fridge.
Gold wire trees, iron deer, and a red-and-gold table runner dressed the mantel in the library. I always have fun using my old stuff in new combinations.
The newest Christmas craft:  these frames in the hallway
We purchased these frames when we first moved to Omaha. We painted them dark green and speckled purple and white paint on them before adding some watercolor posters. (Hey, it was the late '80s and they were very in style.) After being in storage for a decade or more, I took out the posters and painted over the green and purple with a coat of Black Bean. Scott stapled pieces of chicken wire to the back to create two display boards. The frame on the left holds the Christmas cards we received. The frame on the right holds photos of our past Christmases - one picture from each year. This project looks great in an otherwise empty hallway!
I wired faux evergreen garland to the staircase in the connector, adding red ribbon and plaid bows. I think it looked great but Scott raised an eyebrow. . .why would I feel the need to decorate his already-awesome staircase?
The mantel over the great room fireplace is still missing its wood shelf but it looks pretty with garland, candlesticks and our stockings. We've enjoyed a few cozy fires this holiday season.
We Hope You Enjoyed Your Christmas!

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