Monday, July 28, 2014

New Job Girl!

This announcement isn't exactly noTTafarm-related but it is Kristin-related so that should count for something. As of July 25, I no longer work at Alvine Engineering. I have accepted a new marketing coordinator position at Intersystems, a manufacturer and engineer of bulk material handling products and industrial sampling systems. After 10 years, I felt the need for a career change. I'm very excited to start the next chapter! The added bonus is that I don't start my new job until August 4th so maybe I'll actually complete a project at noTTafarm this week!
After the final day wrapped, some of my favorite, and now former, co-workers joined me for a drink. Marie and Amy are very happy that I am happy but they're sad that I won't be a part of their daily lives. I'm sure we'll see them both around noTTafarm quite often!
We had quite a nice gathering to say "goodbye." I really appreciate the kind send-off!
Wish Me Luck!

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