Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cedars Called into Duty

In addition to the bar Scott and Pat are building for the upcoming wedding, the boys need to create an arch to serve as the altar. They were planning on using three of the pine logs we saved from clearing out dead trees last year. Those were eliminated from use, however, when the bark fell off as the boys tried to move them. Turns out that the logs had dried out over the past year! So - into the forest to find suitable trees.
In his never-ending quest to eliminate cedars from the west slope, Scott had discovered three large trees, each about 25 feet tall. Before the chainsaw brought them down, the boys worked on trimming off all the branches.
The first few loads of branches were eliminated the fun way . . . with a little bonfire! noTTafarm was visited by the Polar Vortex this past week, so the cool temperatures and low humidity created perfect fire weather.
The majority of the branches were loaded onto the trailer and transported to the big dump pile east of the barn. Pat says he's having fun - but he sure is working hard! The three cedar logs are now ready for the next step . . . so you know what to do:
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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