Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oak Provides Stylish Cap

The stair rail project progressed throughout the week. In fact, about two-thirds of the wood caps are now stained, poly-ed, and bolted into place. We just need to finish the rail on the first floor connector, and finish the poly panels and rail that lead down the stairs to the basement.
The rails are made of oak but are stained the same Minwax Cherry we used throughout the house. It was like old times, being in the basement with my bucket of stain and my latex gloves.
The two horizontal pieces that form the upper connector rail were pegged and glued together before finishing. The big "V" shaped piece fit perfectly, of course, due to Scott's excellent measuring skills.
Looking down the stairs at silly ol' Wilson who always seems to be dreaming about going outside. Note the "window" to the kitchen at top of the photo. Will that project be "next?" Stay Tuned to Find Out!
A view from the 1920 hallway behind the kitchen. The lower horizontal rail is currently being held in place by double-sided tape. There is a little design and fabrication that needs to occur in order to connect that rail to a series of small pieces that will turn the corner, leading to the long basement banister.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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